MixLive Ambient Lounge


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Krusseldorf - Circuit BoardingLive
  • Krusseldorf - Breaking Dawn
  • Kanka & InnerVision - Room
  • Kakurenbo - Kaze no Yume
  • JP Illusion - Fade Out
  • Proton Kinoun - Stars Wobbling...
  • Proton Kinoun - Silver Satellite
  • Proton Kinoun - Light Echoes
  • Proton Kinoun - ...Life's Bubbling
  • Proton Kinoun - Illimitable


Ambient Lounge was the first channel of MixLive, an Irish platform that delivers live streaming audio online. This platform, created on 2010, has today a wide variety of music channels.


Soothing Music For Your Body Mind & Soul


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