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Eleanor Shanley - Whistle Whistle Daughter (With Dolores Keane And Sharon Shannon)Live
  • Dervish - Rooney's Favourite/Statia Donnelly
  • IZZ Your Favourite Country Music - IZZ Your Favourite Country Music
  • Patrick Feeney - The Girl From County Clare
  • Unknown - Courtin' In The Kitchen
  • Mick Flavin - Have I Got Some Blues For You
  • Thomas Milligan - 11 Country Girl
  • Unknown - Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter
  • Alanna Maher - Mind Your Own Biscuits
  • Seamus Moore - London NW2


This radio station is dedicated to bringing to listeners exclusive programming, playing Irish and North American country music, from the 60s to the freshest tracks, through a variety of live shows. It is broadcasted daily from Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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