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wcr01 viking music - lady of the dawnLive
  • wcr03 evanescence - bring me to life
  • wcr01 wendy rule - a tribute to hecate
  • wcr02 trobar de morte - summoning the gods
  • wcr01 pagan folk witch songs
  • wcr03 rettore - stregoneria
  • wcr02 join me in death - him
  • wcr02 no title
  • wcr02 raido
  • wcr02 pagan folk witch songs


On air since 2014, this is a digital radio station that is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Retro Electro Ireland plays Old School and Retro Dance Music as well as recent hits, including House, Techno and Electronic.

Main Programs

  • Rave and Breakbeat
  • Techno and Trance
  • Acid and Progressive House


Dublin, Ireland
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